Twerk Turnup

#DKW ( Dj Kozmo World) From a small island in the Bahamas, where we party different i present to you TWERKET a back bending twerk mix for all the ladies to dance to with artists such as DIPLO, PETEY PABLO, and Many more.

Versace On The Floor (MMP Sexual Healing Refix) Bruno Mars 100 11:11:54 AM GMT-5 11:14:11 AM GMT-5 00:02:17 3 Versace On The Floor (MMP Sexual Healing Refix)
Happier (PeteDown Bounce Mix) (Clean) Marshmello ft Bastille 100 11:13:04 AM GMT-5 11:15:17 AM GMT-5 00:02:13 4 Happier (PeteDown Bounce Mix) (Clean)
Major Lazer – Cold Water Ft. Justin Bieber & MØ (FIGHT CLVB R 100 11:14:11 AM GMT-5 11:16:30 AM GMT-5 00:02:19 3 Major Lazer – Cold Water Ft. Justin Bieber & MØ (FIGHT CLVB R
Off My Feet (Dj Rukus Intro Edit) (Clean) Pia Mia 101 11:15:17 AM GMT-5 11:17:19 AM GMT-5 00:02:02 4 Off My Feet (Dj Rukus Intro Edit) (Clean)
Mad Love (MMP Moombah Drum Refix) Sean Paul and David Guetta ft. Becky G 102 11:16:30 AM GMT-5 11:18:47 AM GMT-5 00:02:17 3 Mad Love (MMP Moombah Drum Refix)
No Lie (Dj Rukus Intro Edit) (Clean) Sean Paul Ft. Dual Lipa 102 11:17:19 AM GMT-5 11:19:47 AM GMT-5 00:02:28 4 No Lie (Dj Rukus Intro Edit) (Clean)
Goodbye (Dj Rukus Intro Edit) (Clean) Jason Derulo and David Guetta Ft. Nicki Minaj and Willy William 103 11:18:47 AM GMT-5 11:20:38 AM GMT-5 00:01:51 3 Goodbye (Dj Rukus Intro Edit) (Clean)
Move To Miami (PeteDown Moomba Mix) (Clean) Enrique Iglesias feat Pitbull 100 11:19:47 AM GMT-5 11:21:30 AM GMT-5 00:01:43 4 Move To Miami (PeteDown Moomba Mix) (Clean)
Juicy Slide (Mighty Mi Bootleg Remix) (Clean) Calvin Harris ft Frank Ocean and Migos x Notorious B.I.G. 104 11:20:38 AM GMT-5 11:23:11 AM GMT-5 00:02:33 3 Juicy Slide (Mighty Mi Bootleg Remix) (Clean)
Jason Derulo – Zipper (Dreamer Retwerk) 100 11:21:30 AM GMT-5 11:23:39 AM GMT-5 00:02:09 4 Jason Derulo – Zipper (Dreamer Retwerk)
One Dance (Beazie Beats Intro Hype Edit) Drake 104 11:23:11 AM GMT-5 11:25:05 AM GMT-5 00:01:54 3 One Dance (Beazie Beats Intro Hype Edit)
Same Bitches (Club Breakerz Moombahton Edit) (Clean) Post Malone 105 11:23:39 AM GMT-5 11:26:30 AM GMT-5 00:02:51 4 Same Bitches (Club Breakerz Moombahton Edit) (Clean)
Dont Stop Believin (Digital Dave Roses Bootleg) Chainsmoklers vs. Journey 106 11:25:05 AM GMT-5 11:28:08 AM GMT-5 00:03:03 3 Dont Stop Believin (Digital Dave Roses Bootleg)
Yeah (DJ Hope Twerk Remix) Usher ft Lil Jon & Ludacris 105 11:26:30 AM GMT-5 11:29:38 AM GMT-5 00:03:08 4 Yeah (DJ Hope Twerk Remix)
Brandon Beal Feat Christopher – Twerk It Like Miley (Dasian Remix) 106 11:28:08 AM GMT-5 11:30:59 AM GMT-5 00:02:51 3 Brandon Beal Feat Christopher – Twerk It Like Miley (Dasian Remix)
audio-push-throw-it-back 107 11:29:38 AM GMT-5 11:32:18 AM GMT-5 00:02:40 4 audio-push-throw-it-back
Express yourself Diplo 108 11:30:59 AM GMT-5 11:33:09 AM GMT-5 00:02:10 3 Express yourself
Diplo & Nicky Da B – Express Yourself (Instrumental) (BacauHouseMafia.Ro) (BacauHouseMafia.Ro) 108 11:32:18 AM GMT-5 11:34:28 AM GMT-5 00:02:10 4 Diplo & Nicky Da B – Express Yourself (Instrumental) (BacauHouseMafia.Ro)
Freek A Leek (Acapella) Petey Pablo 105 11:33:09 AM GMT-5 11:35:22 AM GMT-5 00:02:13 3 Freek A Leek (Acapella)
Fuck It Up (Dj Rukus Intro Edit) (Clean) YG 104 11:34:28 AM GMT-5 11:36:02 AM GMT-5 00:01:34 4 Fuck It Up (Dj Rukus Intro Edit) (Clean)
Sage The Gemini – College Drop (Instant Party! Remix) 100 11:35:22 AM GMT-5 11:37:13 AM GMT-5 00:01:51 3 Sage The Gemini – College Drop (Instant Party! Remix)
Yellow Claw – DJ Turn It Up 102 11:36:02 AM GMT-5 11:38:28 AM GMT-5 00:02:26 4 Yellow Claw – DJ Turn It Up
The Monster (Fotsbeats Twerk Remix) Eminem ft Rihanna 101 11:37:13 AM GMT-5 11:39:30 AM GMT-5 00:02:17 3 The Monster (Fotsbeats Twerk Remix)
Psychic Type – Booty Had Me Like 100 11:38:28 AM GMT-5 11:40:41 AM GMT-5 00:02:13 4 Psychic Type – Booty Had Me Like
DJ Snake x Yellow Claw x Spanker – Slow Down 100 11:39:30 AM GMT-5 11:41:45 AM GMT-5 00:02:15 3 DJ Snake x Yellow Claw x Spanker – Slow Down
Flashing Lights – TWRK Remix Kanye West 100 11:40:41 AM GMT-5 11:43:03 AM GMT-5 00:02:22 4 Flashing Lights – TWRK Remix
Shake (Dj Rukus Intro Edit) (Clean) IamSu! 100 11:41:45 AM GMT-5 11:44:02 AM GMT-5 00:02:17 3 Shake (Dj Rukus Intro Edit) (Clean)
Twerkulator by D!RTY AUD!O & Meaux Green D!RTY AUD!O & Meaux Green 100 11:43:03 AM GMT-5 11:45:05 AM GMT-5 00:02:02 4 Twerkulator by D!RTY AUD!O & Meaux Green
DjHope_Jason_Derulo_Bubble_Gum_Twerk_Remix_100BPM {{1.0}} – 11A – 100 100 11:44:02 AM GMT-5 11:45:55 AM GMT-5 00:01:53 3 DjHope_Jason_Derulo_Bubble_Gum_Twerk_Remix_100BPM {{1.0}} – 11A – 100
Pop It Shake It (Dj Rukus Mustard Hype Intro) (Clean) YG Ft. Dj Mustard 99 11:45:05 AM GMT-5 11:47:05 AM GMT-5 00:02:00 4 Pop It Shake It (Dj Rukus Mustard Hype Intro) (Clean)
50 Cent – Candy Shop (BigJerr Trap Remix) 98 11:45:55 AM GMT-5 11:48:00 AM GMT-5 00:02:05 3 50 Cent – Candy Shop (BigJerr Trap Remix)
Candy Foxy Brown & Kelis 98 11:47:05 AM GMT-5 11:49:15 AM GMT-5 00:02:10 4 Candy
What Happened To That Boy (Matt Hall Bootleg) Baby Ft. Clipse 100 11:48:00 AM GMT-5 11:50:09 AM GMT-5 00:02:09 3 What Happened To That Boy (Matt Hall Bootleg)
Cant Stop Wont Stop (Dj Rukus Intro Edit) (Clean) Young Gunz 100 11:49:15 AM GMT-5 11:51:30 AM GMT-5 00:02:15 4 Cant Stop Wont Stop (Dj Rukus Intro Edit) (Clean)
Back That Ass Up (DJ Scooter Twerk Remix) (MMP Clean Edit) Juvenile Ft Mannie Fresh And Lil Wayne 100 11:50:09 AM GMT-5 11:52:34 AM GMT-5 00:02:25 3 Back That Ass Up (DJ Scooter Twerk Remix) (MMP Clean Edit)
Jidenna – Classic Man (Clean) (Dj Fredo Twerk) DJFREDO214 100 11:51:30 AM GMT-5 11:53:38 AM GMT-5 00:02:08 4 Jidenna – Classic Man (Clean) (Dj Fredo Twerk)
How We Do (Dj Hope Twerk Remix) (Dirty) The Game Ft. 50 Cent 100 11:52:34 AM GMT-5 11:55:16 AM GMT-5 00:02:42 3 How We Do (Dj Hope Twerk Remix) (Dirty)
Big Sean – IDFWU (K Theory Remix)(Dirty) 103 11:53:39 AM GMT-5 11:56:30 AM GMT-5 00:02:51 4 Big Sean – IDFWU (K Theory Remix)(Dirty)
Boy Oh Boy (TWRK Remix) Diplo & GTA 103 11:55:16 AM GMT-5 11:57:24 AM GMT-5 00:02:08 3 Boy Oh Boy (TWRK Remix)
Bojangles (Dj Rukus Aca In and Aca Out) (Clean) Pitbull Ft. Lil Jon and Ying Yang Twins 108 11:56:30 AM GMT-5 11:58:42 AM GMT-5 00:02:12 4 Bojangles (Dj Rukus Aca In and Aca Out) (Clean)
Candy (Dj Rukus Intro Edit) (Clean) Dillon Francis Ft. Snappy Jit 110 11:57:24 AM GMT-5 11:59:48 AM GMT-5 00:02:24 3 Candy (Dj Rukus Intro Edit) (Clean)
Kelis – Milkshake (Tiny Chapel Twerk Remix) 115 11:58:42 AM GMT-5 12:00:48 PM GMT-5 00:02:06 4 Kelis – Milkshake (Tiny Chapel Twerk Remix)
Wale ft. Jeremih – The Body (Official Clean) {Extended Intro} – 12B – 112 110 11:59:48 AM GMT-5 12:02:05 PM GMT-5 00:02:17 3 Wale ft. Jeremih – The Body (Official Clean) {Extended Intro} – 12B – 112
Calabria 2017 (DJ Baysik Remix) Enur 112 12:00:48 PM GMT-5 12:02:51 PM GMT-5 00:02:03 4 Calabria 2017 (DJ Baysik Remix)
Paris (MMP Uptemo Refix) The Chainsmokers 117 12:02:05 PM GMT-5 12:04:31 PM GMT-5 00:02:26 3 Paris (MMP Uptemo Refix)
Aint Nobody (The Discoh Edit) Chaka Khan 113 12:02:51 PM GMT-5 12:06:17 PM GMT-5 00:03:26 4 Aint Nobody (The Discoh Edit)
Attention ( DJ SkillzMusic Bootleg Remix) Charlie Puth 120 12:04:31 PM GMT-5 12:06:48 PM GMT-5 00:02:17 3 Attention ( DJ SkillzMusic Bootleg Remix)
Messy (Addal Remix) (CloudNine Intro Edit) (Clean) Kiiara 118 12:06:17 PM GMT-5 12:07:44 PM GMT-5 00:01:27 4 Messy (Addal Remix) (CloudNine Intro Edit) (Clean)
Maroon 5 – This Summer (NIGHTOWLS & KOREFUNK Remix) NIGHTOWLS 124 12:06:48 PM GMT-5 12:09:20 PM GMT-5 00:02:32 3 Maroon 5 – This Summer (NIGHTOWLS & KOREFUNK Remix)
Jice – Lift Off (Original Mix) Jice Music 125 12:07:44 PM GMT-5 12:09:53 PM GMT-5 00:02:09 4 Jice – Lift Off (Original Mix)
Swedish House Mafia Ft. John Martin – Don’t You Worry Child (Extended Luca Liguori Edit) Luca Liguori (Producer) 129 12:09:20 PM GMT-5 12:11:43 PM GMT-5 00:02:23 3 Swedish House Mafia Ft. John Martin – Don’t You Worry Child (Extended Luca Liguori Edit)
Reload (Vocal Mix) [Moiez Remix] Sebastian Ingrosso & Tommy Trash feat. John Martin 128 12:09:53 PM GMT-5 12:12:58 PM GMT-5 00:03:05 4 Reload (Vocal Mix) [Moiez Remix]
In My Mind (Axwell Mix) Ivan Gough & Feenixpawl feat. Georgi Kay 128 12:11:43 PM GMT-5 12:14:08 PM GMT-5 00:02:25 3 In My Mind (Axwell Mix)
Million Voices (Original Mix) Otto Knows 126 12:12:58 PM GMT-5 12:14:54 PM GMT-5 00:01:56 4 Million Voices (Original Mix)
The Weeknd – The HilIs (CORVO Bootleg) [FREE DOWNLOAD] CORVO 128 12:14:08 PM GMT-5 12:15:59 PM GMT-5 00:01:51 3 The Weeknd – The HilIs (CORVO Bootleg) [FREE DOWNLOAD]
Work Hard Play Hard (DJ Smerk 128-70 BPM Transition) (Clean) 2A – Wiz Khalifa 70 12:14:54 PM GMT-5 12:17:17 PM GMT-5 00:02:23 4 Work Hard Play Hard (DJ Smerk 128-70 BPM Transition) (Clean)
Me OK (Prod. Drumma Boy) (Clean) Young Jeezy 70 12:15:59 PM GMT-5 12:18:16 PM GMT-5 00:02:17 3 Me OK (Prod. Drumma Boy) (Clean)
Beyonce – 7/11 (Romeos In&Out Mix) DJ Romeo Munich 70 12:17:17 PM GMT-5 12:19:30 PM GMT-5 00:02:13 4 Beyonce – 7/11 (Romeos In&Out Mix)
I’m Really Hot (Whiiite Remix) Missy Elliott 70 12:18:16 PM GMT-5 12:20:41 PM GMT-5 00:02:25 3 I’m Really Hot (Whiiite Remix)
Diva (Clean) Beyonce 146 12:19:30 PM GMT-5 12:21:26 PM GMT-5 00:01:56 4 Diva (Clean)
Promises (Skrillex & Nero Remix) Nero 70 12:20:41 PM GMT-5 12:22:11 PM GMT-5 00:01:30 3 Promises (Skrillex & Nero Remix)
Levels (Skrillex Remix) Avicii 70 12:21:26 PM GMT-5 12:23:16 PM GMT-5 00:01:50 4 Levels (Skrillex Remix)
Tove Lo – Not On Drugs (G-Rex Remix)*FREE DL* G-Rex 70 12:22:11 PM GMT-5 12:24:11 PM GMT-5 00:02:00 3 Tove Lo – Not On Drugs (G-Rex Remix)*FREE DL*
Bad (K Millz Club Mix) Wale & Tiara Thomas 70 12:23:16 PM GMT-5 12:25:16 PM GMT-5 00:02:00 4 Bad (K Millz Club Mix)
Havana_Brown_-_Warrior_Extended_Edit 70 12:24:11 PM GMT-5 12:26:23 PM GMT-5 00:02:12 3 Havana_Brown_-_Warrior_Extended_Edit
Daughtry_-_Feels_Like_Tonight_(Ohronesen_Bootleg_Mix) 72 12:25:25 PM GMT-5 12:27:59 PM GMT-5 00:02:34 4 Daughtry_-_Feels_Like_Tonight_(Ohronesen_Bootleg_Mix)
Low Rider (Lookas Remix) Lookas 72 12:26:23 PM GMT-5 12:28:49 PM GMT-5 00:02:26 3 Low Rider (Lookas Remix)
Beam Me Up (Alex Louder Remix) Cazzette 75 12:27:59 PM GMT-5 12:30:11 PM GMT-5 00:02:12 4 Beam Me Up (Alex Louder Remix)
You Make Me Beef It Up (Clean) DJ Kontrol 78 12:28:49 PM GMT-5 12:30:54 PM GMT-5 00:02:05 3 You Make Me Beef It Up (Clean)
Nonstop (Dj Rukus Intro Edit) (Clean) Drake 78 12:30:11 PM GMT-5 12:32:18 PM GMT-5 00:02:07 4 Nonstop (Dj Rukus Intro Edit) (Clean)
Austin Powers ‘Soul Bossa Nova’ Theme (Flavours Remix) Flavours 78 12:30:54 PM GMT-5 12:33:33 PM GMT-5 00:02:39 3 Austin Powers ‘Soul Bossa Nova’ Theme (Flavours Remix)
Jay-Z_ft_Kanye_West_Rihanna_-_Run_This_Town_Onderkoffer_Trap_Remix – 2B – 155 78 12:32:18 PM GMT-5 12:34:13 PM GMT-5 00:01:55 4 Jay-Z_ft_Kanye_West_Rihanna_-_Run_This_Town_Onderkoffer_Trap_Remix – 2B – 155
Stay_-_Florida_Georgia_Line_Edit 78 12:33:33 PM GMT-5 12:35:12 PM GMT-5 00:01:39 3 Stay_-_Florida_Georgia_Line_Edit
Hot Tottie – DJ David S Hands Up Intro (Clean) Usher ft Jay-Z 87 12:34:13 PM GMT-5 12:36:17 PM GMT-5 00:02:04 4 Hot Tottie – DJ David S Hands Up Intro (Clean)
Tyga – Make it Work (DJ Twist One Extended) DJ Twist One 90 12:35:12 PM GMT-5 12:37:30 PM GMT-5 00:02:18 3 Tyga – Make it Work (DJ Twist One Extended)
Freak Hoe Super Clean Speaker Knockerz 90 12:36:17 PM GMT-5 12:38:35 PM GMT-5 00:02:18 4 Freak Hoe Super Clean
99-yike-in-it-hyphyvillanz 95 12:37:30 PM GMT-5 12:39:42 PM GMT-5 00:02:12 3 99-yike-in-it-hyphyvillanz
Good Life (Mr. Collipark Remix) (Clean) G-Eazy and Kehlani 95 12:38:35 PM GMT-5 12:41:01 PM GMT-5 00:02:26 4 Good Life (Mr. Collipark Remix) (Clean)
Heathens (Dj SUave Frakenstein Mix) (MMP Intro Edit) (Clean) Twenty One Pilots 95 12:39:42 PM GMT-5 12:43:30 PM GMT-5 00:03:48 3 Heathens (Dj SUave Frakenstein Mix) (MMP Intro Edit) (Clean)
California Love**** 2 Pac 92 12:41:01 PM GMT-5 12:45:28 PM GMT-5 00:04:27 4 California Love****
California Love**** 2 Pac 92 12:43:30 PM GMT-5 12:45:28 PM GMT-5 00:01:58 3 California Love****

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